April 28, 2018

About US

Since 2004 Industrial Floor Masters has been installing Polymer Floor Coatings and High Build Systems. We Specialize in Coatings, Flake, Quartz, Terrazzo, MMA, Novalac and other High Performance Polymer Systems.

Starting in the Food Processing facilities installing 1/4 ich Epoxy Mortar trowel down systems for heavy forklift traffic and constant chemical washdowns we took the knowledge of Industrial Floor Installations to the public over 14 years ago.  We have done HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Square feet of Epoxies and Urethanes averaging about 60 to 70 jobs per year.

Some of our Installs are with such places as Simple Residential Garages and Small Business all the way to Walmart Distribution, D.C Metro Train Mechanic Shop, D.C Police, Potomac Mall D.C, Dulles International Airport, Quantico V.A Ammunition Warehouses, Cumberland County, Cumberland County School Systems, PWC Fleet Maintenance, Solar Stratus Solar, Dunkin Doughnuts, Sweet Frog, UNC Health Care, HIghsmith Rainey Hospital and the list goes on.

Each System is designed specifically by us and a joined effort with our material manufacture PPG Protective Marine Coatings for the substrate acceptability of Primer and the Traffic and Abuse it will be taking on the Top Coat.

We have taken pride in making sure our customers are happy and it shows in our reputation around town and with our suppliers




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